Vision And Mission




Awdhoot Bhagwan Ram Post Graduate College is a pioneering institution of co-education with a vision of empowering rural and disadvantaged section of the society through higher education that combines emerging global trends with value based nurturing of enlightened young generation.


Our Mission 


• To aspire and strive for excellence in higher education for imparting knowledge to students coming from diverse conditions and developing them        for a social change.
• To emerge as a center of academic excellence and research.
• To make quality higher education available to all the people irrespective of religion, caste, class, creed or sex.
• To make available the facility of higher education to all socioeconomically disadvantaged sections of the society.
• To inculcate moral value of good citizens, national spirit and respect for our culture, scientific temperament and retained thinking among our          our students.
• To develop learned and skilled man power in the society.
• To focus personality development of each student through development of positive attitude, leadership qualities and self-awareness.